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Kodak tri-x 400 black and white studio portrait photography

black and white portrait of young island girl shot on 35mm analog film photography
the kodak tri-x 400 a classic grain black and white film

This week i have been using the kodak tri-x 400 for classic black and white portrait photography, the camera used is a nikon f5 film camera paired with a 135mm f3.5 Ai nikkor.

Throughout the session i used only one single lighting setup, an elinchrom rotalux 53 on the left for my keylight, on the opposite side is a large white reflector for fill light and a small led panel is behind the model on the left for hair light.

Kodak tri-x has beautiful rich tones and shadows, this classic film retains a lot of highlight details, as you can see on the example below, the white dress has absolutely no overblown highlight and the contrast is extremely well preserved even with a model with dark skin complexion, something which can be a challenge in digital photography.

This session was shot at f11 1/125 and was metered at box speed, the film was processed and scanned via international courrier by "cape film supply" in South Africa.

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