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About myself

I have been a professional photographer for more than 8 years mastering the subtle arts of studio lighting, portraiture, fashion and modelling. 

For anyone that comes for a session in the studio, you will benefit from my expertise in the art of directing and posing models, wether you are at ease in front of the camera or shy, adult or children, you can rest assure that i will deliver amazing picture that you will be proud of for the years to come.

My body of work include pictures entirely taken on vintage camera and 35mm film format which deliver a rich and beautiful tone, unique colours and amazing black and white rendering that no digital camera can replicate.

Most of my work happens in the studio at Roche-Bois, i am available upon request for outdoor shooting, engagement or wedding.
For a booking or any enquiry please send me a mail at

I am also a certified classical guitar teacher those interested in tuition please visit the following link

black and white portrait of gilbert carosin, analog 35mm film photographer, vinatge camera nikon f5
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