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Studio Photography pricing

Please find below our studio rates, all prices are fixed and non negotiable, be sure to check our rules and regulations before completing your booking. Once you are sure about your date and time send me a mail at with all detail and requirement about your session, you will then receive a booking form and invoice via PayPal.

Booking/sitting fee* : 225 Usd 

35mm film processing fee + regular scanning **

- Black and white : 75 usd per roll 

- Colour ( c-41 ) : 125 Usd per roll


- Colour slide film : 175 Usd per roll


high resolution scanning ( tif ) :


- extra 75 usd per roll

Negative/slide film return :


-extra 50 Usd per roll ( pick up at the studio only )

Additional 50 Usd for any booking outside the opening hours of the studio or during any public holiday.

All price are subject to change without any notice

* The booking/sitting fee is the remuneration for time, expertise and contribution for taking the picture from your session only and does not include the processing, scanning and delivery of any picture which have to be paid separately. 

** Pictures are processed in a professional lab in South Africa and delivered online via ""

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