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Why professional photographers love the Elinchrom Rotalux

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

( A review of the Elinchrom 53 inch soft-box )

studio session with rotalux 135cm nikon d700
Elinchrom Rotalux 135 cm

For the past 3 months i have been using the rotalux 53 in my studio as a replacement of my old godox p120l. Moving to an Elinchrom Rotalux modifier is not an easy decision, the brand is expensive, the ring bracket is sold separately ... so is it worth ?

studio session with rotalux 135cm nikon d700
using the rotalux 135 in butterfly lighting setup

First lets talk about setting up the rotalux .... as many might have said before, its simply a nightmare there is no guide and you might even feel you are about to tear the damn thing appart but you have to work your way to it ...its built very solid and can handle pressure. Once it is set up, the rotalux is very easy to mount and store.

studio session with rotalux 135cm nikon d700
Feathering the rotalux to get extremely soft light

The key benefit of the rotalux is its amazing light output and simplicity to use, it would make an awesome tool for outdoor but so far all my shooting have been done in the studio so i can only review it as such. The 53 rotalux is not a deep modifier ( there is a deep 100cm model ), the material is extremely robust and the interior is designed in such a way that it really maximise the light output of the flash. Simply put this modifier is a lot brighter than the p120l at the same flash power.

studio session with rotalux 135cm nikon d700
The modifier is large enough for full body photoshoot

As i have said the light quality from the rotalux is simply incredible, its soft well distributed, and the falloff is out of this world, it is simply one amazing tool that create the most beautiful light a photographer can dream of.

studio session with rotalux 135cm nikon d700
The rotalux render beautiful black and white tones

For the professional photographer or studio, the rotalux is simply one incredible asset, the price might make you think twice but trust me on this it is worth every cent, it will boost your photography to a new level plus the modifier is so robust you might not need a new modifier for a very long time. Elinchrom sell a replacement fabric so you dont have to buy a new modifier in case of a tear ( the thing is very robust i really doubt anything could happen to it ).

studio session with rotalux 135cm nikon d700
The very soft light from the rotalux gives the best result directly out of camera with no retouch required

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